Select tag "using" with more fields


I need to concatenate 3 field to use in select options:

<?php echo \Phalcon\Tag::select(array(
                    Caracteristicas::find("nome = 'RAM'") , 
                    "using" => array("id","descricao"), 
                    'multiple' => 'multiple',
                    "class" => "form-control")) 

I need the id plus another field wich is 3 filed concatenated. It's possible ?

thx CV

I'm using select in a slightly different way, than you do, but what you are asking for is possible in Phalcon, have a look at my answer on a different topic

If you cannot do anything with that have a look at

It pretty much boils down to working with a result of find() method first and then adding it to select.

Take care.