How to convert a model to "model" when its "incomplete"?

I have this

$robots = Robots::findFirst(3);


so far so good, but I dont need all fields, so:

$robots = Robots::findFirst(3, array(

  'columns' => 'id, name'



this time ->save() fails. How to get its "complete" object?

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Is it failing your validation? What is the error?

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You could try turning on 'useDynamicUpdate' - with the model.

Although I'm not quite sure the actual model class is returned when you specify columns, but rather an object representing the partial database object.

var_dump(get_class(Robots::findFirst(3, ['columns' => 'id, name']));
//If it returns the Model class, then try useDynamicUpdate() - otherwise you'd probably need to do PHQL to update the table.