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model describe?

In my model I have this:

switch(intval($this->onsellid)){ case 8: $this->onsellid = '第一'; break; case 38: $this->onsellid = '第而'; break; }

how to describe my field

Hey, can you provide a little more info? What do you want to do with your code and what do you mean with describe?


thanks for your reply, and in my model Users where have a field named 'audit' and it's value is Int (1,2,3....). But in my view(volt) I will show it as 1-Approve,2-Unapprove,3-commit.... so there will many description and I will change it sometime. so I dont want to define it in view, I want to define it in model so when I find a model it outo change as description as CI do.

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Hey, i think this will do the work for you:

Controller code:

foreach (NewsCategories::find() as $item) {
    echo $item->getIsActive() . '<br/>';

Model (here you can put your switch clause from your first comment:

public function getIsActive()
    // replace this logic with your switch and return result;
    return $this->is_active ? 'Yes' : 'No';

Thats an example from my project. In my DB i store is_active as 0/1 and with this example i get this as print results