Search Form Params


I am trying to submit a form with 'get' method and i want a clean url Form:

       {{ form("products/search", "method": "get") }}
            <label >What:</label>
            {{ text_field("what") }}
            <label >Where:</label>
            {{ text_field("where") }}
            {{ submit_button("Search") }}
      {{ endForm() }}

Now, when user will click on Search button i want to submit for and url should be



Im afraid you have to use JavaScript to acomplish that.


uhh... i don't want to use js. i'm trying using phalcon...

Well technically you could do it without javascript, here are 2 options that come to mind:

1) Send form to the url, process the query params and then redirect to the clean url you desire;

2) Make a rewrite with htaccess;

  1. i tried and it's working. But in that case, it's increasing server load because i did

    $keyword = $this->request->getQuery('what');
    $location = $this->request->getQuery('where');
    return $this->response->redirect("search/".$keyword.'/'.$location);