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500 Internal Server Error

<pre><code>when I annotation this function my web is normal but when I logined then logout, and restart chrome its show 500 Internal Server Error? why?

following is my function: public function cookiesLogin(){ $salt = 'GYHZMFSWP'; $permanent = $this-&gt;cookies-&gt;get('permanent')-&gt;getValue(); $identifier = $this-&gt;cookies-&gt;get('identifier')-&gt;getValue();

    $remember=RememberTokens::findFirstByIdentifier($identifier); //find data

  if($permanent == $remember->permanent){  //check cookie to login then setsession
      if($identifier == md5($salt . md5($remember->getUser()->name .$salt))){
              $user= Users::findFirstById($remember->userid );
              $this->regSessionAuth( $user );
              //reproduct cookie
              $this->rememberMe( $user );
              return true;

  return false;



If you look at your log, it will tell you what line is failing. Log into your server, go to /var/log/apache2/ and run tail -f yourlogoname and create the error. You'll get a message saying why it's broken.


thanks I use nginx in centos7 but the log also doesnt tell why 500 error,


I was update to php5.6 and phalcon 2.08 so as I cant read cookies value.


To get PHP error logging on when using Nginx with PHP-FPM you need may need to set catch_workers_output = yes in your pool configuration, on Debian and Ubuntu this would be /etc/php5/fpm/pool.d/www.conf by default.


your are not the true answer, but I solve it by display errer in php and php-fpm, when dont display error nginx will show 500 error, then error tell me my cookie crypt must be in 16 24 and 32 long charater