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I was update to php5.6 and phalcon 2.08 so as I cant read cookies value.

When I logined and then logout , in my function I cannot read my cookies like this:

public function cookiesLogin(){ $salt = 'GYHZMFSWP'; $permanent = $this->cookies->get('permanent')->getValue(); $identifier = $this->cookies->get('identifier')->getValue(); vardump($permanent); vardump($identifier);echo "identifier:".$identifier;


  if($permanent == $remember->permanent){
          echo "permanent true";
          echo $identifier;
          echo md5($salt . md5($remember->getUser()->name .$salt));
      if($identifier == md5($salt . md5($remember->getUser()->name .$salt))){

          echo "identifier true";
          if((time()-(86400*8))<$remember->createdAt){echo "time true";
              $user= Users::findFirstById($remember->userid );echo "user true";
              $this->regSessionAuth( $user );echo "regSessionAuth true";
              $this->rememberMe( $user );echo "rememberMe true";
              return true;

  return false;


hi, you need chmod directory session your web server


thank you your are not the true answer, but I solve it by display errer in php and php-fpm, when dont display error nginx will show 500 error, then error tell me my cookie crypt must be in 16 24 and 32 long charater