Dynamic Model Creation inside a User Model Not working for some reason with Namespaces

I am trying to create dynimic model class with a model function inside the user model, however for some reason it unable to identify the class location. it gives me an error

Fatal error: Class 'VarEducation' not found

    public function partner()
    $view_service=new ViewService();
    foreach($partner_vars_check as $partner_key=>$partner_var){
        $table= str_replace("p_","var_",$partner_key);
        $sql = "SELECT * FROM ".$table."
                WHERE id='" . $this->{$partner_key} . "'
                ORDER BY id DESC";
        $partner_obj = new $partner_var();
        $this->{$partner_key} = new \Phalcon\Mvc\Model\Resultset\Simple(null, $partner_obj,

Any idea on what causing this ? i suspect the namespace but this dynamic models all are inthat model name space.


did you register your namespace ?

$loader = new Loader();

    "myApp\Models"        => MODELS_DIR . DS .'models' . DS,



Yes i did actually instead of the $var, if i use the String class name it works perfectly, only the $var is used it causing probelms for some unknown reason.

for example this work fine

$partner_obj = new VarEducation();


can you print_r $partner_vars_check please


function is as below

public function getUserVarPartnerModelCheckMappingArray() { return array( 'p_education' => 'VarEducation', 'p_body' => 'VarBody', 'p_ethnicity' => 'VarEthnicity', 'p_religion' => 'VarReligion', 'p_family' => 'VarFamily', 'p_career' => 'VarCareer', 'p_smoking' => 'VarSmoking', 'p_drinking' => 'VarDrinking', 'p_status' => 'VarStatus', ); }

can you print_r $partner_vars_check please

edited Nov '15

this works fine, so it has to be the loader.

maybe you forgot the namespace ?

$arr  = array(
        'p_education' => 'VarEducation'

class VarEducation {
    public function koko(){
        return 'koko';

foreach($arr as $partner_key=>$partner_var){

    $partner_obj = new $partner_var();


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but how can it works if its just new VarEducation() as text that doesn't need any namespace.. strange isn't it ? should check it indepth the logic


what will happen if you try

'p_education' => '\VarEducation'

but i am not sure its allowed syntax