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Router ignores baseurl

My router seems to ignore the base url set in the url service and sets 'phal' as controller in for instance Why is that? My service loader:

$di->set('url', function () use ($config) {
    $url = new UrlResolver();

    return $url;
}, true);

//Registering a router
$di->set('router', function(){
    $router = new Router();

    $router->add('/:controller/:action/:params', array(
        'module' => 'frontend',
        'controller' => 1,
        'action' => 2,
        'params' => 3

    return $router;

The code worked on windows with xampp bot I can not make it run on debian nginx


maybe location configuration problem ?

can you post the nginx config please


I fixed the error by remoing /phal from url passed by nginx