ID Obsfucation in Phalcon

Do we have any helper function with which we could be able to achieve this kind of action. Please help.

You mean - obfuscating the id given to a row in a database? Why would you need to?

I am doing a complete rewrite of my app which was written in core php and now after learning about phalcon I just cant wait to get it migrated over to phalcon. In my app currently I am using an aplhaID class to do the obsfucation so wanted to check if we have something like that already built in to phalcon so that I dont have to use the third party plugin. Please let me know.

Yeah - but ID obfuscation - why?. If I have an object with an id of "12", what goal is accomplished by obfuscating it to "aDD84D7GtL" (for example)?