Using AudioJS with Phalcon

Hello, I am a beginner to Phalcon, and currently working on a project that involves AudioJS ( . Since I have quite less clue about JS, can anybody help me the necessary changes to be done in audio.js file and playlist.js file to fit into requirements of phalcon? It works fine when used directly, but the player doesn't load once I add it to view, and include css and js file.


i dont see anything special there. but let me try put some basic stuff.

  1. put those files in your public js directory : audio.js, player-graphics.gif & audiojs.swf
  2. put your mp3 files in /public/mp3/ ( or basiccaly in public directory somewhere )

so if you have a file /public/mp3/Nana_-Dark_Man_is_Coming.mp3

<audio src="/mp3/Nana_-Dark_Man_is_Coming.mp3" preload="auto" />

and you should be jsut fine. But i can't really help you much, without anything on paper, would be nice if you can put your code in git or something like that