Webird 0.8.1 is released

  • Many bug fixes
  • Enabled Javascript 2016 features with Babel
  • Enabled Babel caching
  • Bumped Node.js requirement to 5.0
  • Updated nunjucks to version 2.1
  • Implemented fully working Volt gettext message extractor
  • Added Javascript Async/Await example using polyfill

This version represents a point of significant maturity in the Node.js stack. I bumped Node.js requirement to 5 because it introduces a new flat module structure that dramatically reduces the chance of a Javascript instanceof failing due to the same module being included twice. The Webpack dedupe plugin helps with this as well.

The current version of Babel and PostCSS are being held back because there are many issues with them due to their recently redesigned plugin systems. When all of the technology is ready around these stacks I will release the next version of Webird.

Currently the PHP composer packages are getting very out of date and I also need to replace the OAuth library and to refactor it to work as a service. That will then likely be the following release. If Phalcon 2.1 has been released then I will migrate all validation to the new method as well.