Cssmin, joining css files into one and relative paths inside libraries such as Font Awesome

Hello. My project has a lot of included css files, like Bootstrap, Font Awesome, css files of several visual javascript plugins. Today I tried to combine it into single css file. But when I got single file, it loses all integrity of relative paths, and now Font Awesome tries to load his resources from wrong directory. How this situation can be solved? I think there should be an option to tell Cssmin or joiner to extract relative paths inside files to absolute. But where it can be found?

Probably not the answer you were loking for but besides trying to modify the Font Awesome source files to change the path they are referencing there you could change the desination of the css generated file to where the original Font Awesome css is located. Of course if you have multiple files looking for references this wouldn't work. Then you'll probably have to leave Font Awesome out of the compiled css.