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Setting up multiple module

Hi everyone, I'm trying to use the multiple module example that is on github rep of phalconphp but for some reason of the unknow its not loading anything it breaks on the "$this->handle()->getContent". Is there any specific requirements to implement the multiple module or is the same apache config of the simple module. I already have a couple of projects developed on phalcon that are working correctly and this is getting me crazy.

The mvc samples should work out of the box... I usually get empty responses for two reasons:

a) var_dump-ing a large object, a Model for eg.

b) PHP error reporting is off, and there was an error

Since I guess you haven't modified the source, try turning error reporting on

But what error you have ?


Thank you for your feedback, couple of minutes after turning on the error reporting I figured out the the multiple module had an error on the frontoffice Module.php, it was calling for an Acl class that was not instanciated. To solve that problem just needed to add: " use Phalcon\Acl\Adapter\Memory as Acl; " Everything is rolling ok now.