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What's new in Phalcon 2.09 ?.

What's new in Phalcon 2.09 ?. There are also devtools 2.09? .¿ Improved compatibility with Oracle?




What are your issues? I'm not familiar with Oracle, but MySQL is fully supported and I still need to use a dialect class to use all of it's features, since the implementations differ and Phalcon ORM concentrates on vanila SQL.


the truth is that I want to learn to do my thesis Phalcon but still do not understand ORM and I would like to learn. And I'm doing with Phalcon you could not give me a council that way program or object methods used. How much would you charge me ?. I just need to know that I can use and learn. My topic is a warehouse management system with Oracle and Phalcon and want to know what assurances or methods employed should learn concepts. What are the processes of memory. I miss that part of learning how to design the forms. reports are easy for me to manipulate the information but the information on the web No