I'm trying to make a multilingual site but i'm having problems using multidimensional arrays in the language file.

This is in my DI:

$di->setShared('trans', function() use($di) { 
    require APP_DIR . "/lang/en.php";

    return new \Phalcon\Translate\Adapter\NativeArray(array(
        "content" => $t

this is app/lang/en.php

$t = array(
    "hi"  => "Hello",
    "bye" => "Good Bye",
    "test"    => array('AA' => 'Option A', 'BB' => 'Option B')

Now, when i do


I get

  protected '_interpolator' => 
  protected '_translate' => 
    array (size=3)
      'hi' => string 'Hello' (length=5)
      'bye' => string 'Good Bye' (length=8)
      'test' => 
        array (size=2)
          'AA' => string 'Option A' (length=8)
          'BB' => string 'Option B' (length=8)

Everything looking fine. I can also access each key in the array, e.g. var_dump($this->trans[&#039;hi&#039;] results in string &#039;Hello&#039; (length=5)

But when i try to access the test array, e.g. by writing var_dump($this->trans[&#039;test&#039;]);

i always get

Parameter &#039;translation&#039; must be a string

Is there any way i can access this array?

Thank you