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phalcon auto-completion in IDE

Hi, and many thanks for bringing us such a c-based framework for php.

Do you plan to generate any dockblock php file for doc / autocompletion purposes (useful for IDEs, Netbeans, Eclipse, ...) ? It would be great for decreasing learning-curve and type-coding time :-)

Regards, Buu-Lâm


git clone

add phalcon-devtools/ide/0.9.0 to eclipse path

(y) thanks for the tip... very complete stubs !

Been looking for this for the longest time! thanks!

for netbean users just add the phalcon-devtools/ide/0.9.0 to your project's include path or to the global path!


Could you be a little more specific on how to set this up in eclipse? Googling around didn't get me further, aside of noticing auto complete options are a mess in eclipse.

What i did, in eclipse: added path of devtools/ide/1.2.3 here Preferences->General->Linked Resources

as well as here: Preferences->PHP->PHP Libraries

Notice, i am working on php files remotely, so i'd like to set this up in eclipse globally, not in any projects options. Any suggestions?


right click the project, choose include path, configure include path -> library->add external source folder

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It's not working for me. I've done exactly what you described, but Eclipse does not recognise the language. have other solution?


I have just added one dir i.e. phalcon-devtools/ide/1.3.2/Phalcon and it worked great. Otherwise there are many same methods and namespaces and classess when I press control+space.

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I use Codelobster PHP Edition -

Latest version has very good autocomplete for Phalcon framework.

I realize this topic is a little older but I figured I should come back and comment.

I made a compeltions plugin for Sublime Text called phalconphp-completions. You can also find it on package control. Just do a search for phalcon and it should come up.

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Hey there, my preferred IDE is PhpStorm, I've just published a hint generator: Although I imagine it should work for any IDE... Tested it with Phalcon Input is welcome!:]


And Brackets in linux


And Brackets in linux New for me... i give it a try. thanks