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Problem with Loading View Helpers (Tags)

I am trying to add a View Helpers file in my App Directory with a class called HoaTags. I'm using namespaces and the Phalconphp class loader, however it's having a problem in autoloading the class when it's called.

Here's my app/HoaTags/HoaTags.php file:


namespace HoaView\HoaTags;

use Phalcon\Tag;

class HoaTags extends Tag
 /* Helpers code here */

Here is my loader.php file snippet

$namespaces = array(
    'HoaView\Models'      => $config->application->modelsDir,
    'HoaView\Controllers' => $config->application->controllersDir,
    'HoaView\Forms'       => $config->application->formsDir,
    'HoaView\HoaTags'     => $config->application->helpersDir,
    'HoaView'             => $config->application->libraryDir,



And finally, my services.php file where I am adding it to the $di:

$di->set('hoatags', function () {
    return new HoaTags();

The problem occurs in the views when I try to call or instantiate a new HoaTags object. The error says that the class is not found: Fatal error: Class 'HoaView\HoaTags' not found ...

I've been over this many times trying to find what's not loading correctly. Any help is greatly appreciated by the Phalconphp community! Thanks!

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$di->set('hoatags', function () {
    return new \HoaView\HoaTags();

can you try it this way please ?

also, are you sure this 'HoaView\HoaTags' => $config->application->helpersDir, is correct, seems like you could placed different name by accident ?

@Izo, did try it that way and as well I have an include at the top of the services.php for use HoaView\HoaTags;, but it still didn't work. As for the loader array for namespaces, I just noticed that the last entry in the namespace array puts pretty much everything under the /library directory for the namespace. I wonder if this couldn't be overridden, just as we're doing now?

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Ok, I'm going to answer my own question here, since I just figured out what was happening. I think it's more related to PSR-0 issue other than anything. So, because my directory structure was ~/myApp/App/HoaTags/HoaTags.php I had to include the directory while using the namespace method in $loader rather than the directory method. So, I included the following:

use HoaView\HoaTags\HoaTags;

And this seemed to solve it all. Thanks!