phalcon devtools and installation

I'm trying to install phalcon devtools on my mac i can see phalcon on my phpinfo() so i beleve the Extention and the installation is right other wise it will not be on phpinfo() but when i try to open phalcone from the terminal i got a messege that phalcon does not exist. now is that the installation problem or what is actually the problem. any help will be appreciated

phalcon-devtools run as CLI PHP, not Apache PHP. You should make sure, that You enabled Phalcon extension in CLI mode.

how can i do that plz

thanks for your help i try to type the command but it gives me that command not found

MacBook-Pro-van-Mohamed:~ Nosha$ wget -q --no-check-certificate -O -bash: wget: command not found MacBook-Pro-van-Mohamed:~ Nosha$

for mac you can use curl instead, don't think wget comes with mac anymore(?)

curl -o -L --insecure