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No such file or directory when including Snappy PDF

I'm trying to include the autoloader, but i'm getting the PHP error no such file or directory even though PHPstorm and the path is correct?

How do i register Snappy in Phalcon to be able to call the PDF generator functions?

Snappy github link:

Link to the MVC structure.

Im pretty sure that has to do with your realtive path. Try using the full OS path. But more correctly, use realpath( '../../common/plugins/....../autoload.php')

Make a define of that since it looks as you need it later as well



Registered the namespace and the autoloader did the rest of the job :-)

Got it working with following:

$loader->registerNamespaces(array( 'Knp\Snappy' => $config->application->CommonSnappy ))->register();