AVG antivirus would block access to memcached

my running environment is win10x64,apache-2.4.17x64, php-5.6.16x64, phalcon-2.0.9, memcached-1.4.4x64 and AVG antivirus free edition newest

when I use \Phalcon\Session\Adapter\Memcache to create a session in DI, the communication between Apache/PHP handler and memcached service would be blocked by AVG antivirus

the error messege is:

MemcachePool::get(): Server (tcp 11211, udp 0) failed with: Network timeout (0)

Uncaught exception 'Phalcon\Cache\Exception' with message 'Failed storing data in memcached' in phalcon/cache/backend/memcache.zep:219 Stack trace: #0 [internal function]: Phalcon\Cache\Backend\Memcache->save('u5jg6in5mqjtlqs...', 'SecurityPlugin|...', 3600) #1 [internal function]: Phalcon\Session\Adapter\Memcache->write('u5jg6in5mqjtlqs...', 'SecurityPlugin|...') #2 [internal function]: sessionwriteclose() #3 [internal function]: Phalcon\Session\Adapter->__destruct() #4 {main} thrown in phalcon/cache/backend/memcache.zep on line 219

I know this problem maybe not Phalcon's mistake, it's conflic between phalcon and AVG. But if I report it to AVG only, they may not take care of it, if Phalcon officially report to AVG, they may pay more attention.

What ? Its doesnt have anything to do with Phalcon. Just unblock php process to access memcache. Thats it.

And you're using M$ Windows only for development or also for production? When I see posts like this, and issues with things like anti-virus on Windows... it makes me cry.

M$ Windows should be avoided, even for development.

AVG will just not give a f#ck about your issue here. Don't even bother to report to them. Just stop using Windows (or AVG in this case if you really cannot go for a GNU box)..

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