Ubuntu Server 12.04 LTS nginx 1.7 PHP 5.4.27

I recently decided to try out Phalcon and followed the installation instructions for Ubuntu from this page http://docs.phalconphp.com/en/latest/reference/install.html. During the install I needed to create the dir /etc/php.d, perhaps this was an issue? Anyhow, I followed the instructions and when I tried to restart my webserver (nginx) it would no longer start. I don't get any errors, it just doesn't start. Any ideas on what could of happened during the install to keep nginx from starting?

Any help is appreciated.

* Edit * nginx now restarts and i feel somewhat foolish :) Configtest on nginx wasn't returning any issues but while looking through some of my other setups I realized that I made a small change quite some time ago that was causing my issue and this was the first time I restarted the server since so it wasn't appearant until now. Completely my mistake and nothing to do with the install :)