Scanning error before in model find()

when i try to do this code

$officemachines = Officemachine::find(array( "conditions"=>"active = :active: AND brands_id IN ({brandsId:array})" , "bind" => array("active" => '1' ,"brandsId" => $arrayBrand), "order" => "exist ASC, priceupdate DESC", ));

i got this error

Scanning error before 'brandsId:array})...' when parsing: SELECT [Officemachine].* FROM [Officemachine] WHERE active = :active: AND brands_id IN ({brandsId:array}) ORDER BY exist ASC, priceupdate DESC (142)


{brandsId:array} should not be an array but a string with commas, I think.

that is not the problem i try using string but i got an error again

that is the documentation on phalcon i use